Lost in the light

She dances as the moonlight

Weaves silver through her hair

A princess in the realm of night

O would she this heart ensnare!

Her hair shimmers like dark water

Her eyes shine with an inner light

She is her father’s daughter

And her father rules the night


When I close my eyes I see her srill

Her dreams broken and undone

The night holds her against her will

She longs to feel the sun

The shadows follow her everywhere

Protection that holds her tight

Forbidden to leave her fathers care

She is bound to the endless night


Oh how I loved her, how I cared!

Yet this love I did betray

Her need of darkness was not shared

I yearned for the light of day

I returned to the land of the living

Intending to return hastily

But Her father was unforgiving

And The night was lost to me


So I wasted under the blazing sun

Tormented by the shadows it threw

I took to searching every one

For a glimpse of a face that once I knew

But as I neared the shadows faded away

Leaving me lonely with my regrets

In anger I cursed the light of the day

In a place where the sun never sets


When I close my eyes I can see her dance

Feel her hand slip into mine

A waking dream of a forbidden romance

From another place or time

I long for the day when my beating heart stills

And the dark shadows come alive

We will dance together on moonlit hills

Where the sun will never rise

Again and Again….

He reaches out and puts his arm on her shoulder
Pulls her close and into his space
She trembled as the darkness enfolds her
As she sees the look on his face
He kisses her hair and whispers his guarantees
“No one will love you as much as I could”
He puts his hands around her neck and started to squeeze
Somewhere an owl hooted deep in the wood
The moon and the stars conspired for romance
Heedless of those that hunt by their light
Young lovers caught up in the passions of loves dance
Unaware of the monsters that crawl in the night

He laid her down gently in the heather
Kissed her lips in whispered goodbyes
Promised her that they would always be together
The moonlight reflected from her open eyes
He thought it was no more than he deserved
The love he offered was always the best
Such love, he mused, should be unreserved
Such unspoilt memories to take to her rest.
And the moon and the stars kept on shining
Uncaring of ill deeds done under their light
But it’s not natures way to be redefining
The role evil plays in the heart of the night

Another town and in another bar
Another hopeful smile exchanged
Two hearts beating under another star
One mind remains deranged
And so the world keeps on turning
A desperate lovelorn dance
Lonely hearts keep on yearning
Playing a game of chance
And the moon and the stars oversee all
Illuminating all the sins of men
Bedevilled in the grip of another nightfall
The record starts playing…again and again..

Autumn leaves

The music slows, I’m so aware
This maybe the last dance we share
So let the music ever play
To keep away the coming day
For tomorrow your plane will leave
Leaving me here alone to grieve

How long after you have gone will you
no longer think of me
A day, a month, a year or two
Before I’m just a memory?

You followed your head but not your heart
We made no promises right from the start
At least not in words for none were spoken
But when you leave my heart is broken
Some promises don’t need words to make
And these are the ones most difficult to break

And will the years be good to you?
May life treat you kind
Will another love be real to you?
I hope such love you’ll find

We are all but autumn leaves
Spinning in a cold winters day
Dancing in a manic breeze
Before slowly crumbling away
So what of love? It’s the winter snow
And when the sun rises, it melts, you go.


You can send me a rose or sing me a song
Tell me I’m right or you can prove me wrong
But it’s far too late for words or for flowers
We waited too long in our ivory towers
We believed in each other and that love never dies
Only to discover hidden truth in our lies
We waited to long, turned our faces away
The words wouldn’t come, nothing to say
And suddenly we found ourselves out there alone
Different worlds, each in our own
Do you still think of me, do you wonder anew
Do you wonder if I’m still thinking of you?
Did we do right for each other, did we do wrong?
Send me that rose, sing me that song…


You are my rock, my anchor, my safe port of call
You are the one who picks me up when I fall
You are the symphony that plays to my hearts song
You make everything right when everything wrong

You are the light at the dawn of the day
The scent of your skin takes my breath away
You hear the low murmurings of my lonely heart
And reply with such love it tears me apart

You are the reason, the mystery, the dream
The rippling water that runs through the stream
You are the breeze that caresses my skin
The hurricane that puts my life in a spin

In my last years I look back at our past
At all the memories that together we amassed
Such memories are ghosts now but haunt me in vain
For a ghost of your love is enough to sustain

Soon I will join you, together once more
Happy and loving just like before
For now I will remember you in my heart
Once more reunited, never to part.


Why does the winter sunshine
Feel so cold against his skin
Icicles crawling down his spine
To freeze the heart within

Why does the blackbird sing
When all around it dull and grey
He finds no joy in anything
Least of all another day

Why does his broken heart
Plead for another chance
To beg her for another start
To rekindle a lost romance

Why does his head deny
His hearts insistent demands
You cannot build on a lie
A love on shifting sands

Better to turn and walk away
Better to not ask why
Some feelings words cannot convey
So turn and say goodbye

The Wolf

The old dog dreams of times long gone
Whines in his sleep as he senses a wrong
He can’t find his master, he just doesn’t know
That he’s gone to a place where a dog cannot go
In his dreams he’s a wolf with a pack to defend
But lost in a place he can’t comprehend
The wildness inside him burns with each breath
Unknowingly fighting the permanence of death
His paws scrabble in his sleep as he runs for the ball
Deep in his dreams he still hears his call
His masters voice, so loved and serene
But the call is heard but the man is unseen
Burdened by his dreams the old dog cries
The past flickering by his half open eyes
Nature and time are not unkind
They recognise where loyalties bind
The old dogs heart beat its last, paws finally stilled
But the dream became reality, and reality fulfilled
As his master ran to him, arms open wide
The dog dancing with joy with him at his side
Where waves of emotion threaten to engulf
Under the memories, here cries the wolf


Consumed by the fire inside
Burnt out and defeated
Nowhere to go, no place to hide
His will to live depleted

Because loving is a fever
That incinerates your heart
An emotional sharpened cleaver
That can tear your heart apart

Feeling trapped and in despair
Living a shadow of a life
A relationship in despair
Balanced on the edge of a knife

He took the knife and kissed the blade
Ran it across his wrists
Closed his eyes as the room swayed
Wondered if he’d be missed

What would happen when he’d gone
He hoped she would forgive
It turns out he was not that strong
Not strong enough to live

His last thought was of her smile
As they once danced in the rain
He died dreaming that in a while
They could meet and dance again


Haunted by that fateful plight
Greeted by the terrible sight
A home and house set alight
A wife an child taken overnight

Attacked by marauding bands
Taken through the barren lands
Where bodies lie under shifting sands
To where the old castle still stands

Once a place of an honourable lord
Now ruled by those who wield a sword
Prepared to kill for little reward
And the rule of law is oft ignored

In haste he mounted his noble beast
His family must be released
On the blood of their captors he would feast
Only then would the pain be ceased

He rode by night and rested by day
Across the sands he made his way
From their trail he did not sway
Closing fast upon his prey

Then before him the castle loomed
Dark and filled with the dead and doomed
In dark despair he was consumed
Yet the rage within him bloomed

He silently entered the castle gate
What guards there were met their fate
Their blood did not his temper sate
He was filled with merciless hate

He held one man with sword compelled
to reveal where his family held
At his reply his anger swelled
And at his sword another felled

For both in the sand did met their end
in their resistance and refusal to bend
For such resistance they were condemned
And their blood with the sand did blend

He closed the gate and chained it well
Lit a fire in the castle and watched it swell
The flames swept through where the marauders dwell
Through their screams and pleadings condemned to hell.

From his soul hope slowly seeps
In his heart the darkness creeps
By their grave he gently weeps
As he longs to sleep where his beloved sleeps.

Heaven and Hell hath no fury…

In the great book is written, A tale that should be told
Of an Angel smitten by a love so uncontrolled
That it had the potential to destroy the realms of mankind
In a war so monumental to heaven and hell combined
Samuel was an Archangel, a leader of heavenly host
Which made his fall more shameful as an Angel trusted the most
So when in the course of his duty he met a demon Eisheth
He was stunned by her great beauty and couldn’t put her to death
She also was totally enamoured, declaring her love was true
She handed Samuel her demon sword and her heart and her body too
For a century they were lovers before they were both revealed
As an example to others, were Into purgatory sealed.

Eisheth had born a child now well hidden in the world of men
The form of an Angel, demon blood running wild, known as a Nephalem
To both Demons and Angels an abomination as it carried the powers of both
Together they hunted through the population hoping to stop the powers growth
Cassandra was her name, the “One who shines over men”
Her one wish was to ensure her parents were able to return again
The rulers of Angels and Demons fearful of the powers she could wield
Searched through mankind’s regions looking for where she’s concealed
Many years passed in succession until Cass knew her powers were strong
To the Gods there would be no concession, they had showed her nothing but wrong

On that final day for the first time she finally showed her wings
Spreading them to show her prime, while around her nature sings
She sent her call to the heavenly hordes ordered them to her side
Breaking through the archangels wards, her call not to be denied
And the legions answered her call unable to deny her need
One by one within her thrall her orders they did heed
Then she called out once more to the Devils domain
And from the depths of Hells deep core the Demons crawled and came
Lucifer stood before her then kneeled to show tribute
And all his demons did defer and all followed suit
She offered him her hand and sat him one step below
To show all she did command and all around would know.

Once more she sent another call that was powerful and insistent
The Archangels appeared before them all unable to stay resistant
Michael stood before them too furious in his shame
He said “you think you can summon God too? You don’t even know his name”
“No”, Cass said, “don’t you see? I am one of his Children too,
It’s in his name that I stand here, It’s his power that I used on you.
You think you do what is best, when you wanted my childish blood?
An innocent child you would divest of her life? Oh but that you would!
Great wrong has been done in his name, a price must now be paid
You and Lucifer must share the blame, in his eyes you have strayed”
With a wave of her hand they were left alone, both Angels and demons sent back
The Archangel gave a moan on finding his soul was black.

Cass turned to the Devil and enquired, “First fallen, Have you nothing to say?”
He smiled, “This position was never desired, It seemed just to happen this way”
The Archangel “it seems all madness has consumed angelic and demonic hosts”
He leaned back consumed by sadness, “We are both undeserving our posts”
And so an ending was contemplated, endings are beginnings as well
Two enemy’s were obligated to merge both Heaven and Hell
Cass and her parents got together and helped as all was restyled
Maybe some day, maybe never, something omnipotent looked back….and smiled.