Where Eagles sing

He returned to gaze on the mountains high
Snow tipped peaks that scraped the sky
Beautiful yet deadly in their majesty
Uncaring of the passing humanity
Who in the mountains shadow live and die
some in this shadow still must lie
And some have carried pain from the past
Return to face their pain at last

Replay the memories from a childhood day
When life or death was a game to play
But two climbed that mountain wall
One returned, one not at all
One always lost, one never found
Somewhere on that frosty ground
Should mournful weary souls decry
There still his white bones must lie
Entrapped by wild flowers roots and stem
Where eagles sing his requiem

He gazed upon that mountain high
Where all forbidden secrets lie
Of the two, he was the truly lost
Left behind but at what cost
In his dreams memories abound
And what was lost cries to be found
He hears the call with weeping eyes
The child he once was replies
He knew he would climb the mountain again
Where Eagles still sing a requiem

The Warrior Stone

Though we searched high and low
In places that only monsters go
Through mountains where the eagles fly
And valleys where the dead still lie
Through the darkness of the ominous caves
Lined with bodies of broken slaves
And along the old kings castle walls
Where still the sound of wailing calls
Through all the hamlets in the land
Among the wary and the damned
From battlements to battleground
The warrior stone could not be found

For many years the warrior stone
Had sat beneath the royal throne
It’s strange magic making sure
The border walls were held secure
It’s secrets passed from King to heir
But the second born was hidden there
In jealousy he stole the warrior stone
Hoping to steal his fathers throne
hiding the stone deep in the blackwoods fen
He was retracing his steps back but then
With the night came the harrowing fog
He stumbled and drowned in the Blackwood bog

With the loss of the stone the border walls fell
Exposing the realm to the forces from hell
The sun was clouded as swarms of locusts descended
Demons swarmed over the walls undefended
The king and his men where soon overcome
The prince and his family where ordered to run
Demons hunted and plundered, murdered and enslaved
Devouring the blood that they had long craved
Humanity fought bravely but were slowly diminished
Within a decade it seemed they were finished

The Prince had spent the time searching and fighting
Behind his banner the last of his people uniting
Weary and tired, finally they stood
With the Hellborn behind them and faced the bogs of Blackwood
Certain death or just death, he thought with a curse
The choices we make, none better, all worse!
As darkness descended, along with the fog
He and his people entered the bog
In front his boy, barely twelve years old
But a proven fighter, clever and bold
Confidently choosing the path to set them on
But a moment later, he was gone

The prince ran forward as fast as he could
Only to see him stuck in the bubbling mud
He threw him a rope and called to his men
And braced himself to pull him out again
But the bog wasn’t easily defeated instead
It pulled the boy down until only his head
Could be seen above the mercurial land
Slowly it disappeared, just an arm, then a hand

Then the rope went slack and the prince fell to his knees
Begging his Gods to respond to his pleas
Then suddenly a strange light through the water burned
And the hand broke the surface as the boy was returned
Slowly his figure emerged from the mire
Dripping mud as he rose higher and higher
Stood on a pedestal that spun slowly round
And dropped by the prince onto the ground
The prince bent down and rubbed off the mud
And started to tremble there where he stood
With a voice full of emotion he did quietly intone
Gentlemen, we are looking at the warrior stone

He knelt down before it and grasped it tight
Suddenly Blackwood exploded with light
A ball of fire formed high overhead
Then flattened out as it started to spread
Locusts burst into flame and then into dust
All over the country demons started to combust
As lightening fired down from the fire cloud overhead
Within minutes all the demons were dead
The border walls reversed their decomposition
As the displaced stones moved back into position
Across the realm people started to appear
Realising the truth they started to cheer

Time moves on, Kingdoms change over years
History turns into legends and then disappears
Rewritten by rulers, twisted and awry
It becomes whatever you want it to be
In these fair island there still lies a stone
That still sits beneath a royal throne
An English throne with a Scottish heart
Let no man take the two apart
At some point in the past, a change to its name
It’s just words, the stone remains the same
For while every stone carries its own history
This one carries our destiny

Strange things happen at sea

Home, said the sailor, it’s been a long trip
Two months I was stuck on that ship
‘‘Twas a good job it sunk, that I could say
Though I’d not have said that when we got underway
The captain was incoherent with booze
Had to be carried aboard for this cruise
He wasn’t to be seen the day we set sail
Curing his hangover with a flagon of ale

The first mate knew nought and wanted to do less
I tell you the boat was in a real mess
We left the harbour at the crack of dawn
With a hold full of rum hidden under baskets of corn
Hoping to get into Scarborough under no moon
To avoid dancing to the customs man tune
The Atlantic storms come out of nowhere
Even the best can get caught unaware

We was battered and tossed by the sea and the rain
The wind howling around as the ship shrieked its pain
With a crack the mainmast suddenly fractured and fell
Taking with it the bridge and captain as well
The ship spun without steerage and anything not tied
Slid over the deck and over the side
Taking with them anyone who got in the way
Disappearing in the sea and lost to the spray

Old Jack Bean hung from the ships rail
As the ship yawed his grip started to fail
I struggled to a locker that some rope was on
But when I turned around he was gone
The storm passed as quickly as it had come
But by then the terrible damage was done
Twelve of us on board when we’d got underway
Just three of us survived that awful day

The sails had been ripped and now long gone
Anyway no mast was left to hang them on
The ship lay becalmed on an eerie flat sea
A silence that suddenly seemed strange to me
We stood on the deck, all three, side by side
we stood there, all three and we cried

That night I watched the sun descend
It’s red dusk light seemed to send
A pathway from us to its deep orange core
For nine more dead souls to seek and explore
I quietly prayed that they were at peace
And hoped they found sense in their brutal release

For three long days and even longer nights
We watched for ships or for ships lights
For all the ship was still afloat
Another storm would sink the boat
But strange things can happen at sea
I ask you to suspend your judgment on me
I promise you I will not be deceiving
But this is going to be hard to believe in

On the fourth day the whales appeared
that’s when this story really gets weird
There were three whales circling around us
Both playful and I think, curious
Each was half the size of our ship
Their tails could sink us with just one flip
The suddenly we felt a gentle push
And the ship trembled under us

We realised that the ship was in motion
Finally moving in this empty ocean
Then we realised that on either side
A whale accompanied us along for the ride
We looked to see where the third whale had gone
To our surprise it was pushing us along

Every few hours the whales changed position
Taking turns on this strange mission
For two days we were pushed towards an unknown destination
Carried along by these strange cetacean
Then in the dark of the night we heard a strange call all around
As the whales communicated in their sad mournful sound

The ship slowed to a rest in the dark of the night
Then suddenly a light pierced the night
A lighthouse appeared on our starboard side
In shock we just broke down and cried
We waited until the sun raised its head
And found ourselves drifting near flamborough head
Of the whales there was no sign, we couldn’t believe
That they had steered us home through treacherous seas

Shortly after the lifeboat arrived and tried to give us a tow
But our boat started to break up and filled with water below
We stood on the lifebout and watched with dismay
As our boat disappeared under the waters of the bay

Now I’ve told you my story, I guess I’m all done
So buy me a beer and go have your fun
Tell al your friends about the old sailers like me
You’ll never understand, strange thing happen at sea.

They lie beneath

In this place where blood was spilled
A place where many men were killed
Each fighting for a dishonourable cause
Where some distant lord will take applause
And count his coin with sweating hands
The price of death in foreign lands
Paid by the blood of fighting men
Who never returned to home again
Their bones restless in unfamiliar ground
Thrown together in a burial mound
No mourners there to vent their grief
Grass grows on the soil they lie beneath

But still there are those that mourn
In the places they were born
Where streets of smoke deny the day
And candles burn to light the way
Where some still weep and some still wait
Unable to comprehend their fate
Time sheds hope like a tree sheds leaves
Some live now only in their memories
As the world moves on they are left behind
Still searching for a love they cannot find
No tombstones stand, no flowers or wreath
Grass grows on the soil they lie beneath


No matter how much we want to pretend
That our lives are uniquely bright
But beginnings give birth to an end
And we all must face the night
Riches and armies cannot prevent
That last inevitable fall
Whether noble or evil in intent
We will all heed that call
Those with honour will step into light
Accepting judgment without debate
Those steeped in sin will scream and fight
Unable to face their fate
Though man himself will surely die
His ideals and dreams survive
So though he in his mortal grave must lie
The legacy he leaves will thrive

Girl with the long dark hair

A child of my times, restless and seeking
A future path to lead me to truth
To listen to tutors endlessly speaking
Dismissing their wisdom with the hauteur of youth
Sitting exams with low expectations
Winging those tests on a wing and a prayer
Outside the window she was picking carnations
That’s when I first began to care
For the girl
For the girl with the long dark hair

A bloody war for reasons no one understands
But for people like me the bloodstains were real
Politicians in silk gloves to hide the blood on their hands
Profiting on the dreams that they steal
Death begat ghosts and the ghosts they were abundant
Until I could see them just about everywhere
So they locked me away making my dreams redundant
Dreams that I wanted to share
To the girl
To the girl with the long dark hair

Now I’m old and lonely looking out at a winters scene
But turning over my memories like pages in a book
Building a story of a life that could have been
If I could have avoided the paths that I took
I mourn the loss of youths possibilities
Shadows surround me and lay my life bare
And I worry about the probabilities
Would life have been fair
To the girl
To the girl with the long dark hair

Death in disguise….

His eyes that once were warm with laughter
Now bitter and full of hate
Unable to process what comes after
To wrestle with his fate
His life now an endless hurricane
Of denial and despair
Consumed by his guilt and pain
He turns around and she’s there…

He reaches out to hold her
Calling out her name
A sudden clash of thunder
A flash of lightening came
And in that sudden illumination
Her face a grinning skull
His hopes final annihilation
Succumbing to deaths pull

She reached her arms around him
Pulled him to her breast
Her arm but a skeletal limb
Thrust inside his chest
She wrapped her fingers around his heart
Tore it through his skin
His horror peaked then fell apart
As she sucked his soul within

So beware one and all of you
For that girl who walks the storm
She is the evil that lies with you
Death in skeletal form
If the thunder you can hear
And the lightening blinds your eyes
Run from the things you most fear
For death lies in disguise…


Haunted by that fateful plight
Greeted by the terrible sight
A home and house set alight
A wife an child taken overnight

Attacked by marauding bands
Taken through the barren lands
Where bodies lie under shifting sands
To where the old castle still stands

Once a place of an honourable lord
Now ruled by those who wield a sword
Prepared to kill for little reward
And the rule of law is oft ignored

In haste he mounted his noble beast
His family must be released
On the blood of their captors he would feast
Only then would the pain be ceased

He rode by night and rested by day
Across the sands he made his way
From their trail he did not sway
Closing fast upon his prey

Then before him the castle loomed
Dark and filled with the dead and doomed
In dark despair he was consumed
Yet the rage within him bloomed

He silently entered the castle gate
What guards there were met their fate
Their blood did not his temper sate
He was filled with merciless hate

He held one man with sword compelled
to reveal where his family held
At his reply his anger swelled
And at his sword another felled

For both in the sand did met their end
in their resistance and refusal to bend
For such resistance they were condemned
And their blood with the sand did blend

He closed the gate and chained it well
Lit a fire in the castle and watched it swell
The flames swept through where the marauders dwell
Through their screams and pleadings condemned to hell.

From his soul hope slowly seeps
In his heart the darkness creeps
By their grave he gently weeps
As he longs to sleep where his beloved sleeps.

Rocking chair

The old rocking chair slowly rocked
Creaking softly in the dark
Outside an owl softly mocked
The fear in his heart
He lay stiff in desperation
Wrapped in the covers
Panicked respiration
Listening for others
Not believing in apparitions
The darkness eroding this non belief
Remembering stories and superstitions
That always end with grief
And still the chair rocks on and on
But no one sits therein
It’s passenger long dead and gone
But somehow lingering…

Insanity (fiction)

Recorded interview with suspect suspected of serial killing.

It’s all lies (he declared)
Not a word of it is true
I never met her, (he despaired)
Now what do I do?
Ok, we met on a dating site
Her picture looked great
Exchanging messages each night
Staying up really late
She told me that she maybe thought
She was falling in love with me
I’m not the relationship sort
So I let her down lightly
She started messaging me every night
Texting me throughout the day
Telling me it wasn’t right
Dumping her that way
Telling me she won’t let go
That she would come to me
That she would let the whole world know
That we were meant to be
I admit that I was worried
My head in a bit of a whirl
I mean I’m hardly going to be bullied
By a little slip of a girl
And anyway she was bluffing, right?
There’s a thousand miles in between
She was hardly going to jump on a flight
For someone she never seen

Well I don’t know, I can’t say
What went through her head
To wind up in my drive way
With a bullet through her head
Did she know that I was wed?
Ouch! It was just a bit of fun
I guess I might not have said
Well what would you have done?
You think your so perfect?
You cops are all the same
What happened to serve and protect?
Too quick to apportion blame
I don’t know how she’s known
Exactly where I live
I don’t tell them about this home
That’s info I don’t give
Them? Did I say them? I meant her
Just a slip of the tongue
I don’t use chat rooms regular
It’s just the occasional one..

So now you know who she is
That’s good news I guess
A what! A private detective?
Hell, what a mess
So she was tracking me?
I can’t say I’m delighted
I’ve done nothing that I can see
To attract the attention shes invited
I don’t admire your policeman wiles
I can hardly be a suspect
What do you mean from her files
She had no files, I checked
Why? she was lying in front of me
I checked she wasn’t alive
If she had any bags I’d see
Them scattered on the drive!
The USB in her pocket
What the hell is one of those
Oh, the drive thing that plugs in a socket
Handy I suppose

Well I guess then you can arrest me
The Lord Satan is on my side
He made me take all those woman
And made them all my bride
And when they wouldn’t believe
Everything the Lord told through me
Though it meant we had to grieve
They had to be punished, you see
I found them through a chat room
Made sure they didn’t live near
Like a flower to my Lord they’d bloom
And soon cast off all fear
They were soon eager to request
The messenger of the Lord
To join with him in his quest
And get their just reward

What detective? Oh, The dead one
Lying on my drive
If she thought to check her facts
She would still be alive
Sadly for her safety
She managed to connect
But she was far to hasty
To chase her suspect
The Lord Satan did smite her hard
With my colt 45
If she’d been on her guard
Maybe she’d be still alive
They always believe
In their own immortality
And cannot perceive
Their life was bought to me
For HE demands a sacrifice
And I am his chosen sword
It’s an honour to fall under my knife
To be chosen for my Lord.