Where Eagles sing

He returned to gaze on the mountains high
Snow tipped peaks that scraped the sky
Beautiful yet deadly in their majesty
Uncaring of the passing humanity
Who in the mountains shadow live and die
some in this shadow still must lie
And some have carried pain from the past
Return to face their pain at last

Replay the memories from a childhood day
When life or death was a game to play
But two climbed that mountain wall
One returned, one not at all
One always lost, one never found
Somewhere on that frosty ground
Should mournful weary souls decry
There still his white bones must lie
Entrapped by wild flowers roots and stem
Where eagles sing his requiem

He gazed upon that mountain high
Where all forbidden secrets lie
Of the two, he was the truly lost
Left behind but at what cost
In his dreams memories abound
And what was lost cries to be found
He hears the call with weeping eyes
The child he once was replies
He knew he would climb the mountain again
Where Eagles still sing a requiem

Strange things happen at sea

Home, said the sailor, it’s been a long trip
Two months I was stuck on that ship
‘‘Twas a good job it sunk, that I could say
Though I’d not have said that when we got underway
The captain was incoherent with booze
Had to be carried aboard for this cruise
He wasn’t to be seen the day we set sail
Curing his hangover with a flagon of ale

The first mate knew nought and wanted to do less
I tell you the boat was in a real mess
We left the harbour at the crack of dawn
With a hold full of rum hidden under baskets of corn
Hoping to get into Scarborough under no moon
To avoid dancing to the customs man tune
The Atlantic storms come out of nowhere
Even the best can get caught unaware

We was battered and tossed by the sea and the rain
The wind howling around as the ship shrieked its pain
With a crack the mainmast suddenly fractured and fell
Taking with it the bridge and captain as well
The ship spun without steerage and anything not tied
Slid over the deck and over the side
Taking with them anyone who got in the way
Disappearing in the sea and lost to the spray

Old Jack Bean hung from the ships rail
As the ship yawed his grip started to fail
I struggled to a locker that some rope was on
But when I turned around he was gone
The storm passed as quickly as it had come
But by then the terrible damage was done
Twelve of us on board when we’d got underway
Just three of us survived that awful day

The sails had been ripped and now long gone
Anyway no mast was left to hang them on
The ship lay becalmed on an eerie flat sea
A silence that suddenly seemed strange to me
We stood on the deck, all three, side by side
we stood there, all three and we cried

That night I watched the sun descend
It’s red dusk light seemed to send
A pathway from us to its deep orange core
For nine more dead souls to seek and explore
I quietly prayed that they were at peace
And hoped they found sense in their brutal release

For three long days and even longer nights
We watched for ships or for ships lights
For all the ship was still afloat
Another storm would sink the boat
But strange things can happen at sea
I ask you to suspend your judgment on me
I promise you I will not be deceiving
But this is going to be hard to believe in

On the fourth day the whales appeared
that’s when this story really gets weird
There were three whales circling around us
Both playful and I think, curious
Each was half the size of our ship
Their tails could sink us with just one flip
The suddenly we felt a gentle push
And the ship trembled under us

We realised that the ship was in motion
Finally moving in this empty ocean
Then we realised that on either side
A whale accompanied us along for the ride
We looked to see where the third whale had gone
To our surprise it was pushing us along

Every few hours the whales changed position
Taking turns on this strange mission
For two days we were pushed towards an unknown destination
Carried along by these strange cetacean
Then in the dark of the night we heard a strange call all around
As the whales communicated in their sad mournful sound

The ship slowed to a rest in the dark of the night
Then suddenly a light pierced the night
A lighthouse appeared on our starboard side
In shock we just broke down and cried
We waited until the sun raised its head
And found ourselves drifting near flamborough head
Of the whales there was no sign, we couldn’t believe
That they had steered us home through treacherous seas

Shortly after the lifeboat arrived and tried to give us a tow
But our boat started to break up and filled with water below
We stood on the lifebout and watched with dismay
As our boat disappeared under the waters of the bay

Now I’ve told you my story, I guess I’m all done
So buy me a beer and go have your fun
Tell al your friends about the old sailers like me
You’ll never understand, strange thing happen at sea.


He stood looking down on the village so far below
Marvelling at its normality, quintessential peace
Above him the hilltop, peaked with a dusting of snow
Reassuringly auspicious, nature’s showpiece

Soon, he knew, the tourists and skiers would return
The village would be overrun, garish ski coats and backpacks
Cheerless smiles from those who fail to discern
The mountain’s imperviousness to their annual attacks

He wondered if any ever truly saw the wonder
Of the moon riding high on a cold frosty night
Above the mountain in all it’s cold splendour
The ice sparkling in response to the caress of its light

It was, he thought, a place for angels and seraphim
Not for those who have no ability to see
A truth greater than the mountains that stood all around him
But hidden away in natures simplistic beauty


You can send me a rose or sing me a song
Tell me I’m right or you can prove me wrong
But it’s far too late for words or for flowers
We waited too long in our ivory towers
We believed in each other and that love never dies
Only to discover hidden truth in our lies
We waited to long, turned our faces away
The words wouldn’t come, nothing to say
And suddenly we found ourselves out there alone
Different worlds, each in our own
Do you still think of me, do you wonder anew
Do you wonder if I’m still thinking of you?
Did we do right for each other, did we do wrong?
Send me that rose, sing me that song…

The Last

We are the last
The future calls
The world of our past
Crumbles and falls
Humanities hopes
Rest only on us
Slippery slopes
Twas ever thus
The last man standing
Carries the pain
Heroics outstanding
But nothing to gain
All was lost
Generations ago
No one counted the cost
No one wanted to know
A shrivelled rose
Life’s limits surpassed
A world in its death throes
And we are the last…

The Wolf

The old dog dreams of times long gone
Whines in his sleep as he senses a wrong
He can’t find his master, he just doesn’t know
That he’s gone to a place where a dog cannot go
In his dreams he’s a wolf with a pack to defend
But lost in a place he can’t comprehend
The wildness inside him burns with each breath
Unknowingly fighting the permanence of death
His paws scrabble in his sleep as he runs for the ball
Deep in his dreams he still hears his call
His masters voice, so loved and serene
But the call is heard but the man is unseen
Burdened by his dreams the old dog cries
The past flickering by his half open eyes
Nature and time are not unkind
They recognise where loyalties bind
The old dogs heart beat its last, paws finally stilled
But the dream became reality, and reality fulfilled
As his master ran to him, arms open wide
The dog dancing with joy with him at his side
Where waves of emotion threaten to engulf
Under the memories, here cries the wolf

Fly in the storm

There are those who stand together
And others who drift apart
Bonds supposed to last forever
Crumble from the start
For some they follow their own creeds
Others follow their own desires
Some take depending on their needs
Others what their greed requires
Some pray to a God that’s benign
Others to a God that rages
Some live life to their own design
Some live their life in cages
Some worship only what they see
Others only what they are taught
Finding religion in imagery
Or salvation in theological thought
Some cry for a past that’s not forgiven
Some weep for futures pending
For the path that on which we’re driven
Leads only to an ending
Some laugh in the face of fate
Some whisper in the wind
Some love where others hate
Some pray where others sinned
We are but a single drop of rain
In a storm battering eternity’s shore
A fly caught in a hurricane
Then lost for evermore

The Stone

Welcome to another millennium 
Two thousand years have past
Since the beginnings in Byzantium
We have held steadfast
We hold the immortal secrets
As guardians of the Stone
We act as our faith befits
And to the world are unbeknown

When the world forsook its magic
And put science to the fore
The results of which were tragic
But we hold the ancient lore
We are awaiting the new magician
Who can wield the sacred flame
And will manage the transition
So can this world reclaim

The time is fast approaching
The Guardians are prepared
The world is encroaching
As we uncover the sacred prayers
When the immortal walks this world again
And holds that precious Stone
Magic will flow like electric rain
And the truth once more be known

Kings and despots will tremble
As their realms are swept away
And the Guardians disassemble
The world as it is today
Humanity will be raised
To heights previously unknown
Poverty and hate will be erased
By the powers of the Stone

The song

She sings her songs in the silence
Her voice so strong and free
Her words for a while a sweet pretence
An echo of normality
Her words are that of sadness
Lost loves, lost hopes, lost lives
She sings among the madness
Brings unexpected tears to my eyes
I don’t know who is singing
But her voice breaks my heart
For a moment hope is clinging
And my soul shatters apart
Inevitably the song was ended
Life continues as before
For a moment in time I pretended
Life was worth living for
I long to hear that voice again
To revel in it once more
In a world so cold and inhumane
I felt my spirit soar
Floating high upon her sweet song
To where the Gods hold sway
Losing briefly all thats wrong
Feel my worries fall away
Maybe I heard an Angel sing
And into paradise trod
And for the flutter of an Angels wing
I tasted the scent of God.

Bitter much?

Broken minds and damaged souls crying out for some release
Death and war, blood and pain, in a cycle that will not cease
Fanatical followers of imaginary creeds cause mayhem and despair
While governments make no attempts to protect the people in their care

Power and wealth and insidious stealth steal kingdoms and take control
While for the poor of a nation the constant starvation is taking it’s fatal toll
While at the top like pigs in a trough politicians wallow in their Ill gotten gains
Hiding their true nature by exaggerating their stature to support their political campaigns

The ministers men are talking again about how wonderful life would become
If we worked more for less and ignored the bad press in which they would soon succumb
Ones as bad as the other as each tries to smother his opponent in lies and misdirection
But no one is sure what’s the lie anymore, and even truth is a misconception

So the man in the street is struggling to keep the wolves away from the door
The cost of living is still unforgiving and everything that is needed cost more
We can’t pay the rent or the bills that we are sent, our future is looking cold and bleak
We are taxed to the core but they always want more, to keep us weary and weak

What remains unspoken maybe should not be said, he who is still unbroken is not so easily led
Those who are unbelievers are not without belief, and all of the deceivers steal truth like a thief
Though truth can be buried by a lie, obscured or deliberately underemployed
Stolen and misused or otherwise abused…it can never be destroyed.