In the dark hours she wanders the halls
Dressed in white, a bride of the night
Deep golden tresses from her head falls
Framing her face unnaturally white
No stumbling gait, she flows like a stream
Her eyes hold darkness, her lips a deep red
Ignorant of all around her as if in a dream
She passes me by without a word being said
Lights flicker and dim as she wanders within
An impossible presence from a time now gone
I can see the firelight through her translucent skin
But no shadows are cast as she walks on

As the Grandfather clock chimed midnight
She suddenly turned as if she could see
Just for a moment I felt drawn into her sight
Then she just faded away in front of me
I called out to her but then she was gone
Back to her time or to rest in her grave
A ghost? A supernatural phenomenon ?
A body to mourn, a memory to save?
At that moment I swore that I had to be there
Every night until I saw her once again
For inside my heart I felt something flare
A spark to ignite a passionate flame

I don’t know is she is a dream or a ghost
Or a ghost of a memory that’s lost to my years
But it’s the love of that dream that hurts me the most
And the silence is screaming to my ears
Then once again, before midnight
The lights flickered and faded down low
I held my breath and felt my heart go tight
As the doorway started to glow
I staggered and felt my legs give way
A vivid pain shot through my chest
Somewhere I heard a sweet voice say
Truly have you been blessed

Deep golden tresses, dressed in white
Beautiful and sweet, a heart of gold
Loving forever, to my delight
Without the fear of growing old
She was born in a Tudor spring
Of an aristocratic birth
I in the reign of a Windsor king
But me a man of little worth
But the Gods took pity and raised me
And allowed time to release its controls
And love to be released and to run free
To join our two lonely souls.

No gold at the end of the rainbow

He walks the dusty roads that go nowhere
Because he has nowhere to go
He has buried his past in a pit of despair
And looks to a new tomorrow
But you can’t leave behind your traitorous mind
The shadows follow you wherever you go
and soon you will find there are ties that bind
and there’s no gold at the end of a rainbow

In your dreams and deep in your heart
You know that there’s nowhere to hide
Time and distance set you apart
But the truth can not be defied
You can run so fast but that can’t last
Sooner or later you will slow
And then you’ll realise where the truth really lies
And there’s no gold at the end of a rainbow

Turn around, go back, make amends
Nothing is as bad as it seems
There’s no problem you can’t solve, you have friends
They help you follow your dreams
How can you decide that friends be denied
How can you deal such a blow?
At least you’ll have tried and you can confide
That there’s no gold at the end of a rainbow

Again and Again….

He reaches out and puts his arm on her shoulder
Pulls her close and into his space
She trembled as the darkness enfolds her
As she sees the look on his face
He kisses her hair and whispers his guarantees
“No one will love you as much as I could”
He puts his hands around her neck and started to squeeze
Somewhere an owl hooted deep in the wood
The moon and the stars conspired for romance
Heedless of those that hunt by their light
Young lovers caught up in the passions of loves dance
Unaware of the monsters that crawl in the night

He laid her down gently in the heather
Kissed her lips in whispered goodbyes
Promised her that they would always be together
The moonlight reflected from her open eyes
He thought it was no more than he deserved
The love he offered was always the best
Such love, he mused, should be unreserved
Such unspoilt memories to take to her rest.
And the moon and the stars kept on shining
Uncaring of ill deeds done under their light
But it’s not natures way to be redefining
The role evil plays in the heart of the night

Another town and in another bar
Another hopeful smile exchanged
Two hearts beating under another star
One mind remains deranged
And so the world keeps on turning
A desperate lovelorn dance
Lonely hearts keep on yearning
Playing a game of chance
And the moon and the stars oversee all
Illuminating all the sins of men
Bedevilled in the grip of another nightfall
The record starts playing…again and again..

In the midnight hour

In the midnight hour
She lies awake and cannot sleep
She’s lived her life in an ivory tower
But now she’s just counting sheep
She wonders how she got life so wrong
How she ended up so alone
Ponders until the blackbirds song
Restores the sun to its throne

In the midnight hour
Her melancholy a dark abyss
Praying to a higher power
That there’s more to life than this
She stares out of the window
Eyes reflections of the moon
Hours passing by but oh so slow
The dawn must be coming soon

In the midnight hour
She remembering how love felt
How it would grow inside and overpower
Until it felt that her heart would melt
She yearns to taste that love again
To feel it bloom in her heart like a flower
But all she has is loneliness and pain
To see her through the midnight hour.

Copyright Tallisman 2022

Man in the moon

This poem was inspired by reading a lovely poem by Jay Maria Simpson called The Silent Vision. Jay has kindly allowed me to link back to it.

20th May 2023. StoryStars story of the day!

Watch the moon, does he smile
Will he hold your heart a while?
Take the pain, hold it tight
Diffuse it through his pale moonlight
But dawn will come and all reborn
My heart returned to be forlorn
My memories also will renew
And I can see the face of you..

Bitter tears, so well remembered
Bitter love so well dismembered
Torn apart, ravaged and spurned
But oh so deeply I have yearned
I curse the dawn and miss the night
Look for oblivion in cold moonlight
But dawn colours the sky in autumnal hue
And I can taste the scent of you..

The rising sun will bring no heat
It brings the taste of bittersweet
It’s rays of gold darken my heart
It’s shadows a perfect counterpart
For how can I welcome the day
My life just mournful shades of grey
On the roses glistens morning dew
Memories of the tears I cried for you

Mors Vincit Omnia

Death conquers all

Some live in the shadows, anonymous and afraid
Beaten by life, feeling alone and betrayed
Shunning all company, friendship and care
Knowing only the struggle, the hate and despair
They see death as a destination on a short rocky road
Where the burden they carry they can finally unload
So they await in their shadows and listen for the call
In death they are freed, as death conquers all

Some live in the light, confidant and strong
Buoyed by life’s energy to carry them along
With friends a’plenty, they never give way
In life’s battles they will always carry the day
For them the journey of life is what gives them breath
They cannot perceive the surety of death
So they stand righteous, unbending and tall
But finally must yield, as death conquers all

Who calls?

I am pleased to tell you that this poem has been published by The Writers Club, My thanks to them…Click here to view!

Bloody battles in fields once green
Ghosts of warriors walk unseen
Through rivulets of the fallen blood
Where ancient evils once withstood
In moonlight shadows on castle walls
Who calls?
Who calls?

The castle stands in older realms
A place where history overwhelms
Fought over by warring lords
With men of steel and dripping swords
Steeped in death from bloody brawls
Who calls,
who calls?

Of those who came for blood to spill
Most of these remain here still
The castle built upon their bones
Endless death for distant thrones
Buried now beneath these walls
Who calls?

Who calls?

Through these ancient stone built halls
Along the lichen coated walls
Feel the ache of long passed souls
Trapped now in their tormented roles
Through their bones feel eternity crawl

They call..

The Unicorn

The moon stared down upon this land
Impressive in its full splendour
Surrounded by a million stars
Robbing the night of its shadows
Illuminating the impossible
Exposing the incredible
Setting the scene for legends
To be reborn
From the womb of imagination
Into the quiet of the night

The river happily meandered
Through the realms of mankind
Passing through woodland
As ancient as the earth
Trees that had seen
The birth of history
The life of the mythical
The death of reason
Yet still holds the secrets
Of true immortality

In the forests heart a clearing
Now bathed in the full light
Of the spiritual moon
Where for a moment
The scurrying creatures
Paused in awe of the sight
As a single Unicorn
Stepped from the wood
It’s single horn glowing
As it feeds on starlight

The world paused in wonder
At the magnificent sight
This beautiful creature
Lost to creation, a millennia gone
Surviving only in mythology
And in the memory of immortals
And in the heart of the forest
Where the ancient Gods
Turn their backs on this world
And weep for their creations

Fly in the storm

There are those who stand together
And others who drift apart
Bonds supposed to last forever
Crumble from the start
For some they follow their own creeds
Others follow their own desires
Some take depending on their needs
Others what their greed requires
Some pray to a God that’s benign
Others to a God that rages
Some live life to their own design
Some live their life in cages
Some worship only what they see
Others only what they are taught
Finding religion in imagery
Or salvation in theological thought
Some cry for a past that’s not forgiven
Some weep for futures pending
For the path that on which we’re driven
Leads only to an ending
Some laugh in the face of fate
Some whisper in the wind
Some love where others hate
Some pray where others sinned
We are but a single drop of rain
In a storm battering eternity’s shore
A fly caught in a hurricane
Then lost for evermore

They lie beneath

In this place where blood was spilled
A place where many men were killed
Each fighting for a dishonourable cause
Where some distant lord will take applause
And count his coin with sweating hands
The price of death in foreign lands
Paid by the blood of fighting men
Who never returned to home again
Their bones restless in unfamiliar ground
Thrown together in a burial mound
No mourners there to vent their grief
Grass grows on the soil they lie beneath

But still there are those that mourn
In the places they were born
Where streets of smoke deny the day
And candles burn to light the way
Where some still weep and some still wait
Unable to comprehend their fate
Time sheds hope like a tree sheds leaves
Some live now only in their memories
As the world moves on they are left behind
Still searching for a love they cannot find
No tombstones stand, no flowers or wreath
Grass grows on the soil they lie beneath