Wind of change

There’s a tree by the brook where we used to lie

Listening to the water go murmuring by

I loved you then, my love was so strong

But death passed me by but took you along

Here in this place where we first pledged our trust

The wind of change blew and blew you to dust


I look in the mirror now and see that I’m old

But remember the laughter, the stories we told

I cool my forehead on the mirror, feel my heart race

And long to remember your beautiful face

Consumed by the past, our love, youthful lust

The wind of change blowing my memories to dust


If we are reborn to the future, a chance to return

Will we remember these lessons we learn

We can never again be all we are now

But we learn to accept our fate somehow

We pay the price because life always must

The wind of change blows and it blows us to dust

Pulvis et umbra sumus

we are dust and shadow
Ethereal ghosts
Moving in life’s undertow
Within temporary hosts
Doomed to live for eternity
Yet to die and be reborn
Lost in our self pity
Tortured and forlorn

We are forced to roam
Through the realms of man
Outcasts from our natural home
The Gods cursed our clan
Once Angel born and pure of heart
Now ancient and laid so low
We questioned the Gods and they tore us apart
Leaving just dust and shadow

Ubi amor, ibi dolor

Ubi amor, ibi dolor

Where there’s love, there’s pain
This is known so well
For every stolen lovers kiss
Marks another step to hell
Because love expects so much
Burning within your heart
But after the thrill of a loving touch
Things can fall apart

For love demands trust and truth
And truth is a two edged sword
Without trust love is but dust
Untruth just breeds discord
But when you feel the heat
When your lust rules your head
Losing control with each heartbeat
Tangled in passions thread

It’s beautiful and it’s full of pain
Irresistible and consuming
Like a rose growing in your brain
Full of thorns yet blooming
Yet there’s no measure for what you lose
Only against all you gain
The choices we make are ours to choose
But where there love, there’s pain

Mors Vincit Omnia

Death conquers all

Some live in the shadows, anonymous and afraid
Beaten by life, feeling alone and betrayed
Shunning all company, friendship and care
Knowing only the struggle, the hate and despair
They see death as a destination on a short rocky road
Where the burden they carry they can finally unload
So they await in their shadows and listen for the call
In death they are freed, as death conquers all

Some live in the light, confidant and strong
Buoyed by life’s energy to carry them along
With friends a’plenty, they never give way
In life’s battles they will always carry the day
For them the journey of life is what gives them breath
They cannot perceive the surety of death
So they stand righteous, unbending and tall
But finally must yield, as death conquers all


It just seems to me
Your going to a lot of trouble
I can’t heal your misery
Or find a broken heart in all this emotional rubble

I felt the earth beneath me shake
You took me by surprise
I felt an emotional earthquake
Felt my world collapsing before my eyes

You took everything that I held dear
And showed me my life was just a sham
Losing you was my greatest fear
But it seems you didn’t give a damn

So you walk away with your head held high
Picking your way through the wreckage you leave behind
Confidently smiling as you whisper goodbye
Oh how could I have been so stupidly blind…

You have taken everything there is to take
What’s left is not worth the cost
I’m the epicentre of this earthquake
My world around me just broken and lost


Regrets, are they all we keep?
What makes you cry when you sleep?
What tragedy lies on your mind
Your fears and tears so intertwined
That you stumble through the day
Turning all your friends away
A broken mind or broken heart
Your world is slowly coming apart

I cannot reach you, though I try
My concerns just pass you by
You gently smile and turn away
But in your eyes the shadows stay
I have loved you for so long
Never has this felt so wrong
I think I knew, but didn’t believe
That you would go, that you would leave

In the early morning hours
A knocking on my door
And at the funeral flowers
from people I’d ignore
And the days keep passing
But still I can see you cry
One thought keeps trespassing
Why, oh why…..oh why

Lost in the light

She dances as the moonlight

Weaves silver through her hair

A princess in the realm of night

O would she this heart ensnare!

Her hair shimmers like dark water

Her eyes shine with an inner light

She is her father’s daughter

And her father rules the night


When I close my eyes I see her srill

Her dreams broken and undone

The night holds her against her will

She longs to feel the sun

The shadows follow her everywhere

Protection that holds her tight

Forbidden to leave her fathers care

She is bound to the endless night


Oh how I loved her, how I cared!

Yet this love I did betray

Her need of darkness was not shared

I yearned for the light of day

I returned to the land of the living

Intending to return hastily

But Her father was unforgiving

And The night was lost to me


So I wasted under the blazing sun

Tormented by the shadows it threw

I took to searching every one

For a glimpse of a face that once I knew

But as I neared the shadows faded away

Leaving me lonely with my regrets

In anger I cursed the light of the day

In a place where the sun never sets


When I close my eyes I can see her dance

Feel her hand slip into mine

A waking dream of a forbidden romance

From another place or time

I long for the day when my beating heart stills

And the dark shadows come alive

We will dance together on moonlit hills

Where the sun will never rise

Again and Again….

He reaches out and puts his arm on her shoulder
Pulls her close and into his space
She trembled as the darkness enfolds her
As she sees the look on his face
He kisses her hair and whispers his guarantees
“No one will love you as much as I could”
He puts his hands around her neck and started to squeeze
Somewhere an owl hooted deep in the wood
The moon and the stars conspired for romance
Heedless of those that hunt by their light
Young lovers caught up in the passions of loves dance
Unaware of the monsters that crawl in the night

He laid her down gently in the heather
Kissed her lips in whispered goodbyes
Promised her that they would always be together
The moonlight reflected from her open eyes
He thought it was no more than he deserved
The love he offered was always the best
Such love, he mused, should be unreserved
Such unspoilt memories to take to her rest.
And the moon and the stars kept on shining
Uncaring of ill deeds done under their light
But it’s not natures way to be redefining
The role evil plays in the heart of the night

Another town and in another bar
Another hopeful smile exchanged
Two hearts beating under another star
One mind remains deranged
And so the world keeps on turning
A desperate lovelorn dance
Lonely hearts keep on yearning
Playing a game of chance
And the moon and the stars oversee all
Illuminating all the sins of men
Bedevilled in the grip of another nightfall
The record starts playing…again and again..

Autumn leaves

The music slows, I’m so aware
This maybe the last dance we share
So let the music ever play
To keep away the coming day
For tomorrow your plane will leave
Leaving me here alone to grieve

How long after you have gone will you
no longer think of me
A day, a month, a year or two
Before I’m just a memory?

You followed your head but not your heart
We made no promises right from the start
At least not in words for none were spoken
But when you leave my heart is broken
Some promises don’t need words to make
And these are the ones most difficult to break

And will the years be good to you?
May life treat you kind
Will another love be real to you?
I hope such love you’ll find

We are all but autumn leaves
Spinning in a cold winters day
Dancing in a manic breeze
Before slowly crumbling away
So what of love? It’s the winter snow
And when the sun rises, it melts, you go.