Lost in the light

She dances as the moonlight

Weaves silver through her hair

A princess in the realm of night

O would she this heart ensnare!

Her hair shimmers like dark water

Her eyes shine with an inner light

She is her father’s daughter

And her father rules the night


When I close my eyes I see her srill

Her dreams broken and undone

The night holds her against her will

She longs to feel the sun

The shadows follow her everywhere

Protection that holds her tight

Forbidden to leave her fathers care

She is bound to the endless night


Oh how I loved her, how I cared!

Yet this love I did betray

Her need of darkness was not shared

I yearned for the light of day

I returned to the land of the living

Intending to return hastily

But Her father was unforgiving

And The night was lost to me


So I wasted under the blazing sun

Tormented by the shadows it threw

I took to searching every one

For a glimpse of a face that once I knew

But as I neared the shadows faded away

Leaving me lonely with my regrets

In anger I cursed the light of the day

In a place where the sun never sets


When I close my eyes I can see her dance

Feel her hand slip into mine

A waking dream of a forbidden romance

From another place or time

I long for the day when my beating heart stills

And the dark shadows come alive

We will dance together on moonlit hills

Where the sun will never rise

Where Eagles sing

He returned to gaze on the mountains high
Snow tipped peaks that scraped the sky
Beautiful yet deadly in their majesty
Uncaring of the passing humanity
Who in the mountains shadow live and die
some in this shadow still must lie
And some have carried pain from the past
Return to face their pain at last

Replay the memories from a childhood day
When life or death was a game to play
But two climbed that mountain wall
One returned, one not at all
One always lost, one never found
Somewhere on that frosty ground
Should mournful weary souls decry
There still his white bones must lie
Entrapped by wild flowers roots and stem
Where eagles sing his requiem

He gazed upon that mountain high
Where all forbidden secrets lie
Of the two, he was the truly lost
Left behind but at what cost
In his dreams memories abound
And what was lost cries to be found
He hears the call with weeping eyes
The child he once was replies
He knew he would climb the mountain again
Where Eagles still sing a requiem


No matter how much we want to pretend
That our lives are uniquely bright
But beginnings give birth to an end
And we all must face the night
Riches and armies cannot prevent
That last inevitable fall
Whether noble or evil in intent
We will all heed that call
Those with honour will step into light
Accepting judgment without debate
Those steeped in sin will scream and fight
Unable to face their fate
Though man himself will surely die
His ideals and dreams survive
So though he in his mortal grave must lie
The legacy he leaves will thrive

Girl with the long dark hair

A child of my times, restless and seeking
A future path to lead me to truth
To listen to tutors endlessly speaking
Dismissing their wisdom with the hauteur of youth
Sitting exams with low expectations
Winging those tests on a wing and a prayer
Outside the window she was picking carnations
That’s when I first began to care
For the girl
For the girl with the long dark hair

A bloody war for reasons no one understands
But for people like me the bloodstains were real
Politicians in silk gloves to hide the blood on their hands
Profiting on the dreams that they steal
Death begat ghosts and the ghosts they were abundant
Until I could see them just about everywhere
So they locked me away making my dreams redundant
Dreams that I wanted to share
To the girl
To the girl with the long dark hair

Now I’m old and lonely looking out at a winters scene
But turning over my memories like pages in a book
Building a story of a life that could have been
If I could have avoided the paths that I took
I mourn the loss of youths possibilities
Shadows surround me and lay my life bare
And I worry about the probabilities
Would life have been fair
To the girl
To the girl with the long dark hair


Save that dream, don’t let it go
Dreams are all we have, you know
Life is just what we do between
Those precious moments when we dream

Savour the taste of what you need
Grow it from a tiny seed
Hope blooms with such tender care
Spreads its magic everywhere

With hope and a desire you can create
A dream that you can propagate
So spread the magic for all to see
So your dreams become your reality


He stood looking down on the village so far below
Marvelling at its normality, quintessential peace
Above him the hilltop, peaked with a dusting of snow
Reassuringly auspicious, nature’s showpiece

Soon, he knew, the tourists and skiers would return
The village would be overrun, garish ski coats and backpacks
Cheerless smiles from those who fail to discern
The mountain’s imperviousness to their annual attacks

He wondered if any ever truly saw the wonder
Of the moon riding high on a cold frosty night
Above the mountain in all it’s cold splendour
The ice sparkling in response to the caress of its light

It was, he thought, a place for angels and seraphim
Not for those who have no ability to see
A truth greater than the mountains that stood all around him
But hidden away in natures simplistic beauty


What lies ahead is not easy to predict
Life’s not that easy to know
It doesn’t matter what path that you’d picked
It never goes where you want it to go
You confidently march into your dreams
Sure of the road that you take
But the future never what it seems
And your dreams turn out to be fake
And the road you assumed would be a highway
Turns out to be closed for repair
And the dreams in the end to your dismay
Turned out just another nightmare

You pick yourself up and set your sight
On something less than you desired
In the hope that this time all will go right
But wind up less than inspired
You find you’ve traded your dreams for an armchair
Your adventures come out of a book
The futures still somewhere out there
But now you can’t be bothered to look
So don’t waste your time searching for paradise
Your not going to find it today
I’ve glimpsed it in dreams maybe once or twice
But reality soon wipes it away.

Telescopic muse

I look through my telescope at the galaxy
I wonder who out there is looking at me
But light travels towards me finding its way
From stars long ago into the now that’s today
So I’m looking at memories of millennia that’s cast
My telescope into a time machine seeing the past
So my observers not born yet and those that I’d see
Have already passed into their own history…

Death in disguise….

His eyes that once were warm with laughter
Now bitter and full of hate
Unable to process what comes after
To wrestle with his fate
His life now an endless hurricane
Of denial and despair
Consumed by his guilt and pain
He turns around and she’s there…

He reaches out to hold her
Calling out her name
A sudden clash of thunder
A flash of lightening came
And in that sudden illumination
Her face a grinning skull
His hopes final annihilation
Succumbing to deaths pull

She reached her arms around him
Pulled him to her breast
Her arm but a skeletal limb
Thrust inside his chest
She wrapped her fingers around his heart
Tore it through his skin
His horror peaked then fell apart
As she sucked his soul within

So beware one and all of you
For that girl who walks the storm
She is the evil that lies with you
Death in skeletal form
If the thunder you can hear
And the lightening blinds your eyes
Run from the things you most fear
For death lies in disguise…

Monochrome moon

Where once she was filled with starlight
Sparkling in her eyes
Now she lives in a strange twilight
Where the moon will never rise

Her life is lived in her memories
Pictures flicker in black and white
Showing faded documentaries
Of when things used to feel so right

Emotions in monochrome
Lingering shadows in her eyes
Lost in her internal catacomb
Where the moon will never rise