She sits alone, a tear in her eye
Quietly reflecting her history
An old lady ignored by those walking by
She’s lost in her memory
She remembers a time so long ago
And a soldier strong and brave
Who loved her and she loved him so
A year later in his warrior grave
She remembers how they would meet in town
And walk hand in hand through the park
And how when the sun goes down
They would go and dance in the dark
So she relives those heady years
When love and she were free
For her the present offers only fears
The past is her sanctuary



She’s listening, I can see 
Lost inside her mind
Thoughts that should be free
Turn to fears that bind
Circling around like eagles
Looking for their prey
Thoughts that inveigle
Her memories this way

She listens to the voices
She knows them so well
They make her pick her choices
From a menu written in hell
The stories that they tell her
Have no base in truth
But seem real enough to infer
She’s guilty without proof

She carries that guilt within
Hides it from her friends
Admitting it would be something
She scared would never end
She apologises for all that’s wrong
Though she’s not at fault
Shes trying to just get along
While her emotions somersault

She questions her perceptions
On every conversation
Scared of deceptions
And seeking affirmation
She is crying out for hope
But cannot understand
Shes balanced on a tightrope
With nowhere safe to land

And in the quiet of the night
The voices always call
She cannot fight or flight
Or hide from it at all
She losers her sense of reason
Cannot see through the mists
It’s always a winter season
When depression exists

Copyright Tallisman 2022 All rights reserved,

A quiet place

There’s a place by the water where we used to meet
Where we exchanged dreams and your kisses were so sweet
Now it’s a valley where I rest when life’s roads feel too steep
And I miss you
I sit by the water and watch the ripples pass me by
Let the past entwine me and the memories amplify
Sometimes I almost hear your voice in the rivers gentle sigh
It’s true
I wonder what could have been if you were still with me
But fate had decided that we were not destined to be
A speeding car and a driver drunk led to calamity
And you were gone
That was so many years ago, yet here in this quiet place
I can almost touch you, see the sun upon your face
You touched my heart and soul, and your touch left a trace
You were the one
Now I’m much older but you are forever young
A love snatched from me just as it had begun
The melody of our life was never to be sung
And that feels so wrong
But here in this place with the river running through
I still dream of the things that we were going to do
And when the birds sing, they sing to honour you
I feel your love in their song

Copyright Tallisman 2022 All rights reserved

Sea of dreams

Crashing of breakers against the rocks
As the waves roll in from the sea
Sitting alone in the shadow of the docks
He watches in quiet reverie

In the distance the haunting sound
Of a foghorn pierces the night
Like the agony of the souls of the drowned
Trying to get back to the light

He shivers lightly at that thought
Wonders where he goes from here
He’s in the path of lifes juggernaut
But frozen in its headlights of fear

He was broken by stress and ambition
From which he had eventually run
In his quest to improve his position
Like Icarus he flew to close to the sun

So when all that stress came to nought
In a way he couldn’t foresee
He found that now he’s literally caught
Between the devil and the deep blue sea

His old life is now just a place in the past
And as the seagulls cry in a new day
He knows what he had can be surpassed
He just has to find his new way

His world, like the sea before him
Is full of opportunities to try
In the sea of dreams you learn to swim
In this world, your dreams can fly

He now knows it’s not about gaining things
Life should also be fun
He will fly again and spread his wings
But keep well away from the sun

Copyright Tallisman 2022


I’m destined for greater things
Of this I can be sure
Ready for whatever this life brings
All I will endure
I will slay the dragon in his lair
Put the ghosts to rest
Rescue the damsel with long hair
And by bishops I’ll be blessed
The bards will all sing of my good deeds
They will write a book on me
I will ride into glory on my white steeds
And mine enemies will flee
I’ll do all this before the alarm rings
And blows my dreams away
Oh I’m destined for greater things
But maybe not today…

Devils bride reprise

I introduced this lady in my poem Devils bride and immediately fell under her spell! So I thought I would expand on it!

She haunts the city and she rules the night
She steps from the shadows as they chase off daylight
Dark creatures surround her and answer her call
She’s the duchess of darkness and rules them all
She’s a killer, a lover, dressed in black lingerie
She’s the bride of the devil and men are her prey

She’s walked this world since the days of inception
A mistress of death and glorious deception
Men pale at her beauty and fall for her lies
Sell her their souls just to look in her eyes
She takes all that they offer then will betray
She’s the bride of the devil and men are her prey

She’s older than time but as young as required
She is as cold as ice but as hot as desired
Her grace and her beauty is without parallel
She dines on despair and she likes to dine well
She’s a dream and a queen who makes her own way
She’s a bride of the devil and you are her prey…

Men have lusted for her since the beginning of time
Thinking such beauty could only be divine
Over time immemorial she has woven her spell
Despatching such suitors to her master in hell
She delights in destruction and desires our dismay
She’s the bride of the devil and we all are her prey


Not gonna turn out well..

He drives the car with concentration
One thing he can do is drive
Speed limits are for the general population 
Fast cars make him feel alive 
Today he’s stolen a sporty Ford
If such a thing exists
Blue lights flash behind, accelerator floored
Adrenaline flows with the risks
Hits the A road doing a ton or more
Police car closing in the rear
Narrowly misses a four by four
It’s driver frozen in fear
Takes the corner much to fast
The tyres lose their grip
Car spins, the world whirls past
 Suddenly feels it flip
The world full of noise and sparks
Amidst the petrol smell
A voice inside his head remarks
This ain’t gonna turn out well…

He stands outside his house again
Three years he’d spent in a prison cell
Before that six months in pain
On which he’d rather not dwell
In all that time he’d not seen his wife
She hadn’t been or sent a note
Just once to tell him get out of her life
And that was all she wrote
So he waited in trepidation 
As he’d knocked upon the door
He swallowed hard in the expectation
That she wouldn’t want him anymore
The man who answered was not known
He told him he had just moved in there
The previous tenant, no address, no phone
Didn’t know who, didn’t know where
He grabbed the man by the throat in rage
Pushed him so he fell
Felt a voice inside his head engage
This ain’t gonna turn out well…

Now I’m old and look back in sorrow
At the mistakes I have done
There’s no future in tomorrow
My time is nearly come
Soon I face my final judgments
A choice between heaven and hell
A voice inside my head laments
This ain’t gonna turn out well….

tallisman 2022

Who wins or loses

It doesn’t matter who wins, who loses
We can only play the game.
The hammer falls wherever it chooses
Leaves us to apportion blame

We cannot control the dawning day
Or shelter from the storm
We’re dealt the cards we have to play
From the day that we are born

Sometimes we stumble, often we fall
Sometimes we turn to hide from it all
But the sun keeps on shining or the rains just as wet
Life is as good as it’s going to get

Wish upon a shooting star, or in a wishing well
Pray to an uncaring God, seek a private hell
Cry out for all you’ve lost, for what you never had
For all that makes you happy can also make you sad

Sometimes we stumble, often we fall
Sometimes we find courage to face it all
And the sun keeps on shining or the rains just as wet
Life can get better, the futures not set


The Clown

The sorrowful countenance inviting you to care

Hiding the reality of the man hidden there

While your laughing at the antics he’s trying to do

Just maybe, maybe, he’s laughing at you

The clown encompasses both laughter and tears

Plays on primeval emotions and instigates fears

He’s a comedy genius and a horror story star

That can kill you with laughter or a flower patterned car

You can’t trust a clown as he’s just a veneer

Disguising whatever is buried in here

He’s a God to be worshipped and a devil in disguise

All that is mystery behind painted eyes

He’s evil incarnate but he’s dressed as a fool

He’s a king of comedy and a Lord of Misrule

He’s everything good but also everything bad

He plays his part sanely but clearly he’s mad

Wax paints can hide the soul hidden beneath

A hero or villain, a giver or thief

He’s all things to all men, he’s nothing at all

He’s the king of the slapstick, who holds us in thrall

Tallisman 2022

Blood moon

Rhiannon, spare a thought for me
Lost in a dark confusion
Hopelessly I’m cursed to be
Living in a sad delusion

Rhiannon, it’s a time of hope
Over far to soon
I don’t need a telescope
To heed your blooded moon

Rhiannon, the sky bleeds red
Tell me where I have offended?
Is it something I have said
Or as nature intended?

Rhiannon, Celtic goddess, I kneel before you
Pray to the blood moons power
Take my hopes and bless them too
In this my darkest hour