Regrets, are they all we keep?
What makes you cry when you sleep?
What tragedy lies on your mind
Your fears and tears so intertwined
That you stumble through the day
Turning all your friends away
A broken mind or broken heart
Your world is slowly coming apart

I cannot reach you, though I try
My concerns just pass you by
You gently smile and turn away
But in your eyes the shadows stay
I have loved you for so long
Never has this felt so wrong
I think I knew, but didn’t believe
That you would go, that you would leave

In the early morning hours
A knocking on my door
And at the funeral flowers
from people I’d ignore
And the days keep passing
But still I can see you cry
One thought keeps trespassing
Why, oh why…..oh why

3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I have tried to leave you a comment on your Earthquake post three times but have been unable to for some reason. I am testing to see if this comment on another post reaches you – Ellie X

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