Girl with the long dark hair

A child of my times, restless and seeking
A future path to lead me to truth
To listen to tutors endlessly speaking
Dismissing their wisdom with the hauteur of youth
Sitting exams with low expectations
Winging those tests on a wing and a prayer
Outside the window she was picking carnations
That’s when I first began to care
For the girl
For the girl with the long dark hair

A bloody war for reasons no one understands
But for people like me the bloodstains were real
Politicians in silk gloves to hide the blood on their hands
Profiting on the dreams that they steal
Death begat ghosts and the ghosts they were abundant
Until I could see them just about everywhere
So they locked me away making my dreams redundant
Dreams that I wanted to share
To the girl
To the girl with the long dark hair

Now I’m old and lonely looking out at a winters scene
But turning over my memories like pages in a book
Building a story of a life that could have been
If I could have avoided the paths that I took
I mourn the loss of youths possibilities
Shadows surround me and lay my life bare
And I worry about the probabilities
Would life have been fair
To the girl
To the girl with the long dark hair


Save that dream, don’t let it go
Dreams are all we have, you know
Life is just what we do between
Those precious moments when we dream

Savour the taste of what you need
Grow it from a tiny seed
Hope blooms with such tender care
Spreads its magic everywhere

With hope and a desire you can create
A dream that you can propagate
So spread the magic for all to see
So your dreams become your reality

Unbreakable chain

Where the future lies, it’s anyone’s guess
How do you clear up this life’s mess?
Where do you go, to whom can you turn
Where do you go with no bridges to burn?

Your desires led you to the edge of a cliff
Do you want to fall over that last precipice?
Can you step back and just stop this wild ride?
You have options, just take the time to decide

Change is hard, we know that so well
But unthinking desires lead us straight into hell
Just who are you now? Who do you see?
You are a shadow of the man you used to be

As children can you remember the fun that we had
Good times and bad times, happy and sad
But always together we weathered the storm
Out of the bond was our adulthood born

So where did you lose that strength and that will?
What trauma best you? What bitter pill?
I’m still here to support you as once you did me
We swore friendship forever so let it be.

Let me reach out a hand and pull you to the shore
Don’t let that sea of crazy take a victim once more
The links that we forged was not work in vain
Friendship forever is an unbreakable chain

The accident

He sits by her bedside, holding her hands
Trying to comply to his hearts demands
A past set in stone, but a present uncertain
A future once planned now veiled by fates curtain
A loss of attention, a car twisted and bent
And a darkness where voice’s first came and then went

The terror he felt in that hospital bed
Not knowing what happened and filled with deep dread
Then told the full horror, his love fighting for life
His whole world balanced on the edge of a knife
So now he sits waiting, her hands in his own
From the seeds of distraction great chaos is grown

He bows his head and prays she can recover
He cannot imagine a life spent without each other
Behind him a shadow moved, a silhouette against the wall
The world seemed to pause, awaiting a scythe to fall
But the reaper chose to walk away, her time was not yet run
The book was not yet written, but a new chapter now begun


He stood looking down on the village so far below
Marvelling at its normality, quintessential peace
Above him the hilltop, peaked with a dusting of snow
Reassuringly auspicious, nature’s showpiece

Soon, he knew, the tourists and skiers would return
The village would be overrun, garish ski coats and backpacks
Cheerless smiles from those who fail to discern
The mountain’s imperviousness to their annual attacks

He wondered if any ever truly saw the wonder
Of the moon riding high on a cold frosty night
Above the mountain in all it’s cold splendour
The ice sparkling in response to the caress of its light

It was, he thought, a place for angels and seraphim
Not for those who have no ability to see
A truth greater than the mountains that stood all around him
But hidden away in natures simplistic beauty


What lies ahead is not easy to predict
Life’s not that easy to know
It doesn’t matter what path that you’d picked
It never goes where you want it to go
You confidently march into your dreams
Sure of the road that you take
But the future never what it seems
And your dreams turn out to be fake
And the road you assumed would be a highway
Turns out to be closed for repair
And the dreams in the end to your dismay
Turned out just another nightmare

You pick yourself up and set your sight
On something less than you desired
In the hope that this time all will go right
But wind up less than inspired
You find you’ve traded your dreams for an armchair
Your adventures come out of a book
The futures still somewhere out there
But now you can’t be bothered to look
So don’t waste your time searching for paradise
Your not going to find it today
I’ve glimpsed it in dreams maybe once or twice
But reality soon wipes it away.

Telescopic muse

I look through my telescope at the galaxy
I wonder who out there is looking at me
But light travels towards me finding its way
From stars long ago into the now that’s today
So I’m looking at memories of millennia that’s cast
My telescope into a time machine seeing the past
So my observers not born yet and those that I’d see
Have already passed into their own history…


You can send me a rose or sing me a song
Tell me I’m right or you can prove me wrong
But it’s far too late for words or for flowers
We waited too long in our ivory towers
We believed in each other and that love never dies
Only to discover hidden truth in our lies
We waited to long, turned our faces away
The words wouldn’t come, nothing to say
And suddenly we found ourselves out there alone
Different worlds, each in our own
Do you still think of me, do you wonder anew
Do you wonder if I’m still thinking of you?
Did we do right for each other, did we do wrong?
Send me that rose, sing me that song…


You are my rock, my anchor, my safe port of call
You are the one who picks me up when I fall
You are the symphony that plays to my hearts song
You make everything right when everything wrong

You are the light at the dawn of the day
The scent of your skin takes my breath away
You hear the low murmurings of my lonely heart
And reply with such love it tears me apart

You are the reason, the mystery, the dream
The rippling water that runs through the stream
You are the breeze that caresses my skin
The hurricane that puts my life in a spin

In my last years I look back at our past
At all the memories that together we amassed
Such memories are ghosts now but haunt me in vain
For a ghost of your love is enough to sustain

Soon I will join you, together once more
Happy and loving just like before
For now I will remember you in my heart
Once more reunited, never to part.


Why does the winter sunshine
Feel so cold against his skin
Icicles crawling down his spine
To freeze the heart within

Why does the blackbird sing
When all around it dull and grey
He finds no joy in anything
Least of all another day

Why does his broken heart
Plead for another chance
To beg her for another start
To rekindle a lost romance

Why does his head deny
His hearts insistent demands
You cannot build on a lie
A love on shifting sands

Better to turn and walk away
Better to not ask why
Some feelings words cannot convey
So turn and say goodbye