Boris the bull

Boris the bull was a gentle one who
today had fancied his chances
But the heifer he had taken a liking to
Had rejected all of his advances
This left him in a terrible mood
He was feeling really irate
So in fact it was not the best time
for someone to walk through the gate

Godfrey had hiked up from the coast
Complete with backpack and shorts
An experienced hiker he liked to boast,
At least that’s what he purports
He obviously wasn’t aware of the rules
Leaving litter and open gates on his way
Releasing the cows, the sheep and mules
And not having a very good day

So he opened the gate into the field
Where Boris watched and snorted
And so it was Godfrey’s fate was sealed
For Boris was not to be thwarted
With a bellow his head went down
Scratching the earth with one hoof
At the sound Godfrey looked up with a frown
And realised the grim truth

He turned to run and slipped in a cowpat
Falling flat on his face in the scum
Boris charged and dropped his head so that
His Horns flipped Godfrey up by his bum
With a scream Godfrey flew over the gate
Which unfortunately he’d left ajar
Boris following trampled him under his weight
His screams could be heard from afar

The moral of this story is plain for you to see
Avoiding bulls and cowpats is a good policy
But most important as this tale has told
Always remember to follow the country code!

Copyright Tallisman 2022

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